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Real Estate Companies   How CallCenterUSA Helps a Real Estate Company Communicate More Efficiently   Vacations Weren’t a Pleasure Beevy Real Estate Co. is a real estate brokerage in a metropolitan area. There are typically around 30 agents working for the company at any one time. Before being introduced to CallCenterUSA, they employed one receptionist who received three weeks of vacation every year. Finding an acceptable replacement for her was next to impossible. Read the Full Story
Locksmith  No Longer in the Dark LockedOut is a mobile lock and key business that is well known for its inexpensive 24/7 lockout assistance. Larry, the owner, oversees everything during business hours. During the evening hours Larry hands the reins over to two of his employees. Larry also has additional contractors that he calls in when LockedOut needs extra support. Read the Full Story
Internet CallCenterUSA Helps On The Move Get Started On The Move is a company that delivers moving boxes and related supplies directly to homes and businesses. The company began as a small start up, run by a young couple right out of college. Both understood the importance of the internet and invested much of their initial advertising budget in web design and SEO. They were pleased when this resulted in a successful, easy-to-find web presence. Read the Full Story
Plumber CallCenterUSA helps Rivas Plumbing Get the Most Out of Its Lines Mark Rivas owns and operates Rivas Plumbing. While he has occasionally hired a friend to help him out during his busiest times, he generally works alone. Rivas has never utilized an answering service because he’s never understood the purpose. Read the Full Story
HVAC Company CallCenterUSA Helps an HVAC Company Turn a Customer Service Promise into More than Hot Air. HVAC Partners is a startup heating, ventilation, and air conditioning service in the Midwest. John and Rebecca, partners in life and in business, considered themselves prepared for the hard work of starting a new company—HVAC was their life. Their plan was to focus on providing top-notch customer service and grow slowly until they reached their goal of becoming the most trusted HVAC service in town. Read the Full Story

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b2ap3_thumbnail_j0442233.jpgThe holiday season is a chance to boost the camaraderie in your company by socializing outside of the workplace. Even if you hold your Holiday or New Year's party in the office, the atmosphere is more lighthearted and cheerful than businesslike.

While holiday parties are a chance for employees to have fun, they are still company functions by definition. Maintaining an appropriate balance can be tricky, but the task is easier when you do some careful planning. These tips will help you set the tone for an entertaining event.

  • Alcohol is always a hot-button topic for parties. If you're hosting the event in-house, supply only enough for each person to have one to two drinks. If the party is held at an outside venue, purchase only two drinks per person. Be sure to have a variety of non-alcoholic beverages as well.
  • Have the food catered. Pot luck is fine for casual occasions during the year, but holiday events or open houses shouldn't involve more work for your employees.
  • Plan some games and activities to give your guests opportunities to mingle. Have prizes on hand such as movie tickets or restaurant gift cards.
  • Your employees will take their cues from you. Act pleasant and gracious and they will follow suit.
  • Unfortunately, most workplaces include a troublemaker or two. Keep an eye on anyone who might cross the line and step in quickly but quietly if necessary.

Enjoy your upcoming parties secure in the knowledge that our friendly, well-trained live operators are handling your phone calls during any time of the day or night. Visit our website to learn more about our comprehensive call center services.

b2ap3_thumbnail_alcoholism.jpg‘Tis the season for holiday parties, and if there will be alcohol at yours, you could be liable. Are you prepared to protect your business from the seasonal “gift” everyone would like to avoid – a lawsuit?

Specific businesses are liable
Businesses that sell liquor for income - bars, package stores, or restaurants - may be held responsible for injuries resulting from intoxicated employees.

Social hosts may also be liable
Social hosts – the party serving the alcohol – may be responsible under certain circumstances. Laws vary widely by state, but typically include situations where:

  • Alcohol is served to minors.
  • Guests are encouraged to drink excessively.
  • Alcohol is served recklessly - without regard for intoxication or ceasing to serve those who’ve overly imbibed.

Businesses at greater risk
Many states impose liability specifically in situations involving business events due to the nature of the relationship of employee to employer, and the perception of obligation to attend.

Avoid liability by taking preventive measures:

  • Make attendance optional.
  • Avoid discussing business.
  • Hold the event at a licensed establishment (waiters can more accurately and politely monitor intake and refuse service).
  • Host a cash bar leaving employees responsible for drink purchases.
  • Ensure no minors are served.
  • Discourage excessive drinking.
  • Limit drinking when you see signs of:
    • Poor judgment.
    • Impaired physical coordination.
    • Slurred speech.
  • Utilize drink tickets.
  • Provide transportation such as free taxis or encourage designated drivers.

Still not sure what you may be liable for?
Contact an attorney. They can discuss with you laws pertaining to your state so you can accurately assess the advantages and disadvantages of hosting a holiday party, liability involving car accidents following the event, and more.

Need help watching out for your customers like you’re watching out for your employees? CallCenterUSA can help. Learn more.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_MP9004424391.jpgDuring this time of year everyone's mind is on holiday fun and that often extends to the office. Will you be hosting a Christmas party for your employees? Many companies are still operating on reduced budgets, but a holiday celebration can pay dividends in improved morale and camaraderie. 

You don't have to throw a no-holds-barred extravaganza. That could actually be counterproductive as employees may resent a lavish display in these days of cost-cutting. Keep the event modest but enjoyable when you incorporate these tips. 

  • Don't equate the party with bonuses, especially if you are not giving any this year. Focus on the idea of thanking your employees for their hard work and providing an opportunity to socialize away from the workplace.
  • Include spouses and children. This demonstrates that you recognize and value your employees' life outside the office. It also allows them to bond by meeting each other's families.
  • Let employees participate with activities such as a gift exchange, whether it's white-elephant or "real". Have a contest where people prepare their favorite cookies or appetizers. Everyone votes for the best entry and the winner receives a paid day off.
  • Look in-house for the entertainment as well. Do you have any employees who belong to choirs or play in a band? They'll appreciate the opportunity and the performance will mean more than listening to a DJ spin tunes.

Enjoy the festivities secure in the knowledge that our courteous, well-trained live operators are providing top-quality assistance to all of your customers. Our call center service covers your office during the holidays and any time of the year. Visit our website for information about our personalized plans.

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP9003905721.jpgEmail is one of the greatest gifts technology has given the business world. You can fire off a message at any time of the day or night and your correspondence is documented for future reference. But don't become a slave to email's simplicity and convenience. 

It's too easy to let one email derail your daily schedule. Regain control of your inbox with some helpful parameters.

  • Have you developed the habit of checking your email before your feet even hit the floor in the morning? Resolve to wait until you've showered, eaten breakfast and planned your day. You'll be better equipped to avoid any knee-jerk reactions to someone else's emergency.
  • As attention spans grow shorter, it's more important than ever to make your point quickly and succinctly. Email is intended for timely communication, not complex letters. Let the style of tweets and texts be your guide. How can you get your message across in the fewest words possible?
  • Don't let junk mail crowd out the messages that really matter. Most emails that are trying to sell you something will have the word "unsubscribe" somewhere within them. Create a filter using that term and direct the mail to a special folder where you can view them at your leisure or simply delete them.
  • If you truly don't know how to respond to a particular email, don't force an answer. Use an app such as Boomerang that will remove an email from your inbox and remind you later. Chances are good the problem will be solved before you even revisit the issue.


Now that your email is under control, take charge of your phone traffic. Visit our website to learn how CallCenterUSA can provide efficient, professional handling of your customers' phone calls. 

b2ap3_thumbnail_shark.jpgABC's popular business-pitch show, the aptly named Shark Tank, features a rotating cast of six successful entrepreneurs looking for their next big investment. Names include Mark Cuban, who made billions in technology and owns the NBA's Dallas Mavericks, and Daymond John, a branding expert who made his first big splash with his FUBU clothing line. 

Watching the show can be the equivalent of taking an online marketing course. You see real-life examples of how pitches live and die, and the "sharks" are frank about offering brutally honest but solid advice based on their extensive experience. Save yourself some time and trouble by incorporating some of their top insights. 

  • You may be in love with your product or service, but you aren't the one who is going to be buying it. Many issues can be solved even before they arise by looking at your business from a customer's point of view. 
  • "It's not what you know, it's who you know." You may not move in the same circles as these "sharks", but you can use special interest groups and other networking opportunities to make valuable connections.
  • Always look ahead. How can you increase market share, create add-on sales, develop repeat customers? It's said that sharks have to keep swimming or they'll die. Whether or not that's true, it definitely applies to business. Standing still will get you nowhere.

Spend your time focused on growing your business and let our friendly, expertly trained live operators handle your call center needs. Our personalized programs can scale to accommodate increasing requirements. Visit our website to learn more about our capabilities, including our disaster recovery services.


b2ap3_thumbnail_MP9004255191.jpgCold calling is tough. Even when you offer something that the customer is looking for, they want to feel that they are making the decision themselves, not being talked into something. By providing them with useful information, you are helping them make a decision they will feel good about. For a professional and meaningful dialogue with your prospect, keep the following tips in mind.

How you view cold calling

If you think of cold calling as just a numbers game and rapidly recite a prepared script to your prospects, they will respond negatively. If you view it as an opportunity to begin a mutually beneficial relationship, they will feel respected and will respect you, too.

A good introduction is vital

Whether contacting by phone or in person, your initial phrases must convey that you are able to provide the information they seek.

Ask the right questions

To really help them, you need to understand them. Don't quiz them. Invite them to open up to you.

Educate and empower

They must feel that you are an expert in your area of work. If you are not, they immediately surmise that you are wasting their time.

Take notes and follow up

Taking notes demonstrates that you value them as an individual. It also helps you remember pertinent details. Further show that you value them and their business by staying in touch after the initial contact.

To make sure your potential clients and clients speak with a knowledgeable, polite, and professional person anytime they call, visit CallCenterUSA to see more information on the call answering center and messaging service we have available for you.

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP9004425011.jpgIs the concept of marketing your business too intimidating to consider? Promoting your company and building your brand are necessary steps for continued growth. However, that doesn't mean you have to go it alone. Take advantage of the helping hand offered by organizations such as the U.S. Small Business Administration.

The entire purpose of the SBA is to provide counsel and assistance to small businesses just like yours. It was founded under the belief that these companies are a vital element of our country's economic framework. The more your company thrives, the greater its contribution to the community and overall business climate.

Resources available through the SBA include SCORE, a network of volunteers who counsel and mentor existing and aspiring business owners. Their website features a convenient online learning center where you can find training courses, videos, and transcripts of chat sessions on various business topics.

One of the courses is titled, "Marketing 101: A Guide to Winning Customers". It takes you through a series of lessons and exercises focused on the definition of marketing and its specific components. You'll receive valuable information on conducting research, identifying a target market, creating pricing strategies and other related topics.

Providing five-star customer service is one of the best ways to build your brand and inspire client loyalty. Our cheerful, professionally trained operators ensure that your callers receive a consistently high level of service using any protocols you specify. Programs are personalized to meet your company's unique needs. Visit our website to learn more about our call center and disaster recovery services.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_MP9004310331.jpgBranding, infographics, image, marketing strategy, SEO placement, and Internet ranking are just a few of the "buzz" words used when promoting a business.

It's also important to understand the written word is still the best way to turn all of the above advertising options into reality. You might be wondering just how one goes about creating these words of wisdom that will entice new clients and retain established customers.

The answer is making journalists on your local newspaper your best buddy. That's right. These word smiths make a living out of gathering information, researching, and compiling facts into a readable piece of content.

The next step is getting the word "out to the masses" using all of today's technology to spread your message. Again, enter the writers who have the news and connections to make it happen.

The key to a successful union with local reporters that will benefit your company is establishing a professional relationship. Work on it, build it up, respect what they do and their deadlines, don't be a pest and assume you have their undivided attention 24/7, and last but not least, always thank them for a job well done. Remember, they are your lifeline to millions of readers.

If you have a company website, having the local newspaper run a story about your business along with a picture and a link is one of the best avenues for customer traffic. Visual and verbal. A win-win combination.

Combine these branding techniques with exceptional customer service and you're business will thrive. With professional call center answering and messaging services from CallCenterUSA, you'll add a vital layer of excellence to your branding strategy.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_MP9003860641.jpgIt's no exaggeration to say that Winter 2014 is one that's going down in the record books. Bitter cold, strong winds and snowfalls of several feet paralyzed entire regions of our country on more than one occasion. How did your company fare? More important, are you ready for this winter?

The time to prepare for an emergency is before it happens. Use these tips to make sure your workplace is ready for any situation.

  • Have an emergency kit on-hand and keep it readily accessible. It should include a first-aid kit and flashlights with extra batteries in addition to basic tools such as a hammer and screwdriver. It's a good idea to have water and non-perishable food in case people are confined for an extended period.
  • Protect your electrical equipment with UL-approved surge protectors and battery backups for computer systems. Train your employees to save their work frequently during the day.
  • Keep a battery-powered radio or television handy so you can continue to receive critical updates.
  • Consult with your local police department for advice regarding security concerns.
  • Install emergency lights that can operate in the absence of electrical power. You can purchase them at most building supply and home improvement stores.

Keeping lines of communication open during a storm or any emergency is a priority. Our disaster recovery answering services ensure that your calls are handled without interruption in any situation. You can turn your attention to crucial matters with the confidence that your callers are receiving professional attention. Visit our website to learn more about how we can be your emergency solution.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_MP9003860381.jpgIt's no exaggeration to say that Winter 2014 is one that's going down in the record books. Bitter cold, strong winds and snowfalls of several feet paralyzed entire regions of our country on more than one occasion. How did your company fare? More important, are you ready for this winter?

The time to prepare for an emergency is before it happens. Use these tips to make sure your workplace is ready for any situation.

  • Have an emergency kit on-hand and keep it readily accessible. It should include a first-aid kit and flashlights with extra batteries in addition to basic tools such as a hammer and screwdriver. It's a good idea to have water and non-perishable food in case people are confined for an extended period.
  • Protect your electrical equipment with UL-approved surge protectors and battery backups for computer systems. Train your employees to save their work frequently during the day.
  • Keep a battery-powered radio or television handy so you can continue to receive critical updates.
  • Consult with your local police department for advice regarding security concerns.
  • Install emergency lights that can operate in the absence of electrical power. You can purchase them at most building supply and home improvement stores.

Keeping lines of communication open during a storm or any emergency is a priority. Our disaster recovery answering services ensure that your calls are handled without interruption in any situation. You can turn your attention to crucial matters with the confidence that your callers are receiving professional attention. Visit our website to learn more about how we can be your emergency solution.

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP9004141151.jpgWhile scientific advances have improved life immeasurably, there's one area where researchers are helpless. The whims of nature take precedence over everything else. Destructive weather such as hurricanes and blizzards have no respect for the requirements of your business. Just within the last month, sweltering heat in Southern California caused an all-time high in demand for electricity, resulting in power outages to thousands of customers. Meanwhile, more than 46,000 in metro Phoenix lost power thanks to a massive rainstorm.

It's inevitable that you'll be faced with a power outage at some point. Don't risk losing touch with employees and customers just when it's most crucial. Our state-of-the-art call center service can maintain your telecommunications system without interruption during these emergencies. We take your business operations so seriously that we've made contingency arrangements in case our own systems are affected.

What makes our disaster recovery program so successful?

  • CallCenterUSA is protected by the Minuteman Enterprise Backup Interrupted Power Supply. an internal grid that provides resources for up to two hours. We also have an electric generator ready to take over indefinitely during longer emergencies.
  • We have redundant routing that provides three different options in the event of a grid interruption. Should all three go down, traffic is routed through satellites to ensure consistent service.
  • Through our partnership with Agility Recovery Solutions, we have access to emergency facilities throughout the country in case our center becomes inoperable.

You have plenty of issues to handle during an emergency. Your telecommunications system shouldn't be one of them. Contact us for more information about our customized call center services.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_Depositphotos_7397900_xs_20141014-225713_1.jpgDid you know that CallCenterUSA has a sister service just for medical offices that focuses on HIPAA compliant communications? Our sister service is called MedConnectUSA.

When you need the services of a secure medical call center, you need to know two things:

1. Your call center will be available in the event of an emergency.

2. Your call center staffs trained operators who are trained in HIPAA regulations.

These two elements are crucial, and your patients' after-hours care depends on them. 

Emergencies Happen

Many medical call centers do not provide services that cover emergencies. You give them a schedule and they expect to take over when you leave for the day. However, what happens if there is a tornado or a snow storm that causes you to close your practice down for days at a time? Having a medical call center you can count on to pick up the phone when you're not there gives you the security you need, and should be able to have in a call center. Emergencies do happen, and it's better to be prepared when they do. 

HIPAA Training

You would never hire in-house staff that had never received the right amount of HIPAA training. You understand that confidentiality and your patients' privacy is important, and you're careful to follow the law to the letter. Too many call centers do not train their staff adequately in HIPAA regulations, and as you can imagine, this leads to countless legal issues. It's important to only work with medical call centers who take their dedication to HIPAA regulations as seriously as you do. That way you can feel confident knowing your patients' medical and personal information is safe and secure.

For more information on how we can provide your practice with medical call center services, please contact us! Don't need the security and enhancements needed by HIPAA laws, make sure to check out our services at CallCenterUSA.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_MP9004421791_20141009-000140_1.jpgPeople often bond with shared jokes and comments about the unpleasantness of work. While it's a universally recognized sentiment, it doesn't mean that your office is doomed to dreariness. Building a positive atmosphere goes a long way toward inspiring greater commitment from your employees.

Recognition and encouragement inspire employees to feel like part of a team. Implementing these three simple tips will demonstrate a genuine interest in your employees and instill a better attitude about coming in to the office each day.

  • Give your employees room to grow. Help them develop career paths that take advantage of their individual strengths and interests. Create a program of ongoing training, whether it's sending them to classes and seminars or conducting sessions in-house. 
  • Send handwritten notes for important occasions like anniversary, birthdays and whenever an employee deserves special recognition. It doesn't take long and shows that you appreciate your staff as individuals. Few things are as demoralizing as receiving a congratulatory form letter. 
  • As the leader, it's important that you follow the same rules that are in effect for the rest of the office, even when it's inconvenient. Using a double standard marginalizes employees and makes them feel like faceless, interchangeable parts.

Consistency is another hallmark of a successful office. With the support of our friendly, professionally trained operators, your employees will feel free to focus on projects with the confidence that phone calls are being capably handled. Our services can be tailored to a program that fits the unique needs of your office. Visit our website for more information.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_j0442252.jpgEverybody wants to be happy. Just this year Pharrell Williams sold millions of records by saluting that concept in song. You can have an equally powerful impact on your company by making happiness part of your brand.

Zig Ziglar said you can get what you want when you help enough other people get what they want. When you keep your customers happy, they'll repay you with loyalty and referrals. Follow these simple guidelines for customer service that will put a smile on everyone's face.

  • As Judge Judy would say, put on your listening ears. Your customer doesn't talk just to provide background noise. She's making your job easier by telling you exactly what will make her happy. Don't just smile and nod while you decide where you're going to have dinner that night. Listen and learn.
  • Take responsibility for solving your customer's pain points, even if it's "not your job". Think about how frustrated you get when you deal with a business that treats you like a hot potato getting tossed from one person to the next. President Harry Truman famously kept a sign on his desk saying, "The buck stops here." Make that your customer service philosophy.
  • Always be aware of your employees' performance. They represent you, and if they don't care it's assumed that you don't either. Maintain visibility in your workplace and make sure you're proud of how your employees look and act.

Customer service doesn't stop at the four walls of your office. Callers deserve to be treated just as well as those in person. Our world-class call center services ensure a consistently friendly, professional experience 24/7.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_badnews.jpgMany business owners and managers avoid taking time away from work because they fear they will slip out of the zone. That zone of being connected and dialed into your business is valuable. Friends, family, and your health are sometimes squeezed out by work. Use these three life coach tips to enhance your business and overall life.

  • Schedule time for yourself. Make a promise to your vital customers and you are sure to keep it. Be sure you keep in mind how vital you are to the success of, not only your business, but also to a successful work life balance. Write down the goals you have for your personal life and you are more likely to follow through.
  • Trust your judgment in choosing the right people to carry out task and assignments. You can't do everything yourself. By utilizing business productivity apps and services like CallCenterUSA, you can devote more time to growing your business and enjoying life.
  • Utilize your creativity to make the most of limited time. Rather than stressing about the distribution of time that you give each aspect of your life, focus on enhancing the quality of the time you devote to each aspect. A personal trainer can come to your place of business to help you stay on track with health goals.

Being able to pursue hobbies and enjoy time with your family and friends is easier when you know our trained professionals are representing you and your business with the highest level of customers service. Contact us for more information on how our live answering service can enhance your life and your bottom line.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_MP9004423311.jpgIt takes seven seconds to make a first impression. Visitors to your business will be spending those seven seconds with your receptionist. Are you confident in the impression they'll form? If it's negative, you will most likely never get a second chance to improve it.

Employees are more willing to internalize a company's mission and goals when they feel as though they're a valuable member of the team. Here are three tips on simple yet effective ways to motivate your receptionist through recognition.

  • Despite the importance of a receptionist, most companies pay them only minimum wage. Give your receptionist a salary that's commensurate with worth. In addition, offer bonuses or other rewards to acknowledge extra effort.
  • Provide your receptionist with educational opportunities to promote career development. Consider classes and seminars on topics such as social media, computer software, and administration skills. Include training in your company's operations and philosophies to make your receptionist even more of an asset.
  • Show your receptionist how much you appreciate her. Instead of giving just a brief hello as the day begins, take time now and then to chat face-to-face. Give the same consideration and respect that you give to all the members of your staff.


Make sure your customers receive the highest quality service even when your office is closed. Our trained operators can provide professional service after hours, including weekends and holidays, or anytime you need an extra hand. We'll maintain your brand by using any answering protocols you specify. Visit our website for more information about our services, including our disaster recovery program.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_MP9004487131.jpgThe doldrums can hit any office at any time. End of summer listlessness, post-holiday exhaustion, winter blues, even the Monday morning blahs can cause office morale to dip. Any office can have a few bad days, but prolonged bouts of low office morale can result in employee dissatisfaction, decreased productivity and increased staff turnover. If office morale issues are not addressed, the success of your business can suffer.

Happy Employees = Happy Customers

There’s a lot of truth to the old adage that happy employees make for happy customers. When employees feel respected and appreciated, their positive attitude is reflected in increased sales, improved job performance and better customer service.

Morale Boosting Office Tips

Use these office tips to boost employee morale at your office:

1. Give credit where it’s due. Recognize employee contributions and accomplishments in office-wide emails, during staff meetings, in company newsletters and with personal thank you notes. 

2. Perk up employee morale. Show employees you value their hard work and dedication by surprising them with thoughtful unexpected perks. Surprise your staff with bagels in the break room on Monday morning, a catered lunch, casual dress days, early dismissal before a holiday, gift cards for gas or groceries, lottery tickets or movie passes.

3. Make work fun. Keep the office mood light and fun with holiday parties, potluck lunches, crazy dress days, sports leagues or community service activities.

A full-service call center can boost office morale by freeing your staff to focus on other important duties while ensuring that customer calls are answered quickly by our friendly, professional operators. Contact CallCenterUSA today to find out how we can help your business succeed.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_MP9001754111.jpgEating at the office used to conjure up images of stressed-out employees gulping down donuts or candy bars, hoping for a jolt of energy from that sugar rush. Nutritional awareness has come a long way since those days, and most people try to get through the work day with the help of healthier choices.

Do you play a part in making it easier for your employees to eat right? Providing nutritious snacks in your workplace is relatively inexpensive and can provide benefits for you and your associates. 

  • As healthcare costs rise, many employers are finding it beneficial to help employees be proactive about their well-being.
  • A healthier workforce means less money and time lost due to illness-related absences.
  • Providing snacks shows your employees that you care, resulting in improved morale and greater motivation.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are obvious choices. Add variety by including items like string cheese, peanut butter, roasted nuts and light popcorn. Even if you don't have a formal lunchroom, you can find space for a refrigerator and microwave.

If you want to go the extra mile, start a program of brown-bag lunch hours. Contact your local hospital or university to arrange speakers on nutrition, cooking and other healthy lifestyle topics.


Your employees will be more productive if they can leave their desks during lunch time and breaks. They can relax knowing that our friendly, efficient operators are providing excellent service to your customers even when your employees step away. Contact us for more information about our comprehensive and cost-effective service programs.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_MP9004421791.jpgUnless you were born a trust fund baby, you're most likely working in order to put a roof over your head and food on your table. As necessary as a paycheck is, though, it's not the primary motivation for most people. Employees want to know that they're a valued member of the company team.

Management consulting firm Accenture conducted a survey in which 43 percent of respondents reported "lack of recognition" as a major cause of job dissatisfaction. Based on this information, it doesn't take a lot of time or money to demonstrate appreciation of your associates.

Here are three creative ways to boost employee morale in your workplace. Use these or let them inspire your imagination to come up with others.

  • Talk to nearby retailers about implementing loyalty programs for your employees. They could offer perks like a 10 percent discount or weekly specials. In exchange, you publicize these deals in-house to promote their businesses. Your employees save money while supporting the community.
  • Most people's schedules are so busy that it's hard to find time for errands like getting an oil change. Check with service providers to set up programs where they come to your workplace. Your employees will appreciate getting extra time in their day.
  • Start a series of lunchtime workshops and bring in speakers on topics like gardening, literature and other leisure time activities. This will show your employees that you value their personal development as well.

Our professional call center operators can provide four-star customer service while freeing up your staff to concentrate on other valuable work functions. Contact CallCenterUSA to find the best program for your company needs.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_MP9003030041.jpgMaintaining the office lunchroom is like sharing an apartment with dozens of roommates. Everyone wants the convenience but no one wants to share in the work. Keep the peace by establishing community guidelines for lunchroom behavior. People will be more likely to cooperate when they understand what's expected of them. It also helps to emphasize the benefits of a pleasant and orderly lunchroom for all employees.

Here are some useful lunchroom care tips to get you started.

  • If you spill something, clean it up. This may seem like common sense, but people sometimes need to be reminded. Be sure to have a supply of paper towels or sponges on hand to make clean-up more convenient.
  • Whoever drinks the last of the coffee or uses the last napkin is responsible for the refill. Few actions are more inconsiderate than helping yourself and leaving the upkeep to others. 
  • Food odors are notoriously long-lasting. That garlicky pasta you adore may not be so well-received by others. Stick to foods with more moderate aromas for the workplace and save the pungent ones for home.
  • All items in the refrigerator should be labeled with names and dates. This will discourage "borrowing" and take the guesswork out of deciding when food should be tossed.


At CallCenterUSA, we're all about cooperation and teamwork. Our friendly, well-trained operators handle your phone calls using whatever methods you prefer. In addition, our services are tailored to create a program that meets your specific needs. Visit our website to learn more about our comprehensive customer service solutions.

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