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CallCenterUSA Helps an HVAC Company Turn a Customer Service Promise into More than Hot Air.

HVAC Partners is a startup heating, ventilation, and air conditioning service in the Midwest. John and Rebecca, partners in life and in business, considered themselves prepared for the hard work of starting a new company—HVAC was their life. Their plan was to focus on providing top-notch customer service and grow slowly until they reached their goal of becoming the most trusted HVAC service in town.

Before starting HVAC Partners, John and Rebecca completed coursework in entrepreneurship. They wanted to make sure they were equipped to run the back end of the business as successfully as they could run the front end. During their course, they were advised to select a call center instead of hiring a receptionist. Both John and Rebecca were a little skeptical at first; they weren’t sure that a call center could provide the level of customer service that they were hoping for, but they decided to look into the concept and see where it took them.

 Finding the Right Call Center

When John and Rebecca called CallCenterUSA, they immediately felt comfortable. Operators sounded friendly and seemed organized and responsible. The company was based in the U.S. and was able to troubleshoot and solve problems. This was just the kind of company HVAC Partners was looking for.

The partners explained their dilemma to CallCenterUSA’s sales manager. There were only two of them running HVAC Partners, and they wanted to provide great customer service, but HVAC was a demanding profession. If a customer’s air conditioning broke down in the middle of a hot summer’s night, the evening became unbearable. People needed heating and air conditioning products repaired immediately. HVAC Partners would need 24/7 phone coverage. The operators would have to sound friendly and accessible, and they would have to know which calls needed to be escalated.

CallCenterUSA put HVAC Partners at ease. Their operators were some of the most well-trained in the business. The company had very little management turnover and phone operators loved the great benefits. Everyone at the company was happy when they were solving clients’ problems. CallCenterUSA also provided HVAC Partners with testimonials from satisfied clients that stated that when their phone lines were answered 24 hours a day, the companies ultimately received more business.

HVAC Partners couldn’t have been happier with the price. Total costs worked out to less than a dollar an hour—far less than the cost of a receptionist. Both of the partners were sold.

Beating Expectations

HVAC Partners has implemented a number of different programs in order to ensure top-notch customer service. CallCenterUSA works hand-in-hand with HVAC Partners to deliver this experience. CallCenterUSA keeps in touch with John and Rebecca through proprietary Smartphone apps. Because operators always know the partners’ whereabouts, they are able to soothe customers who usually call only when they are dealing with very unpleasant situations. HVAC Partners believes that CallCenterUSA has directly contributed to HVAC Partners’ high level of customer satisfaction.

While HVAC Partners has always been happy with CallCenterUSA, it wasn’t until HVAC Partners was faced with extreme winter weather conditions that John and Rebecca realized what unique assets CallCenterUSA could bring to their business.

Many of HVAC Partners’ customers were elderly. When the first ice storm of the year was forecasted, John and Rebecca decided to call and check in with many of their vulnerable customers, just as an added customer service. Unfortunately, the ice storm knocked out HVAC Partners’ phone lines. Because CallCenterUSA was housed in multiple locations, extreme whether did not affect any of its services. Not only could operators exchange phone calls with HVAC Partners’ customers, they could use email to communicate with John and Rebecca.

At HVAC Partners’ request, CallCenterUSA made calls to HVAC Partners’ vulnerable customers, making sure that heat and power were still working and that all family members were okay. Even though there were no problems, the customers appreciated the check in. These phone calls provided HVAC Partners with the kind of customer service reputation that withstands time. These customers remain loyal to HVAC Partners.

During this storm, HVAC Partners realized just how strong CallCenterUSA’s own disaster preparedness plan was. The call centers, all located in different regions, are equipped with the Minuteman Enterprise Backup Interrupted Power Supply, which keeps computers running even when the power is out. 100kw natural gas/propane electric generators keep power on, should the power be needed for a longer time period. In addition, redundant telecommunication systems ensure that CallCenterUSA’s phone lines are never down.


HVAC Partners couldn’t be more pleased with CallCenterUSA. In just two years, HVAC Partners has grown tremendously and has become a well respected member of the community. HVAC Partners contributes much of its success to the ability to provide impeccable customer service at a reasonable price, and considers its partnership with CallCenterUSA to be the backbone of that customer service plan. While HVAC Partners’ business continues to grow, the company has never had to worry about hiring a receptionist. CallCenterUSA continues to provide all of the reception services that the company needs.

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