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CallCenterUSA Lifts Property Mangers’ Heavy Phone Burden

Street Side Properties is a property and apartment management service in a college town. They have a staff of seven, which seems substantial, but there are times when the staff is completely overwhelmed—especially at the end of the school year and in the fall, when students are looking for apartments.

Side Street’s owners didn’t realize there were problems, but behind the scenes their staff was getting frustrated. During the busy season staff members often put in 11-14 hour days.

The nearby university maintains a list of recommended properties that is crucial to Side Street’s success. Earlier in the year, the university told the local apartment managers and owners that in order to continue to be recommended by the university, each apartment building would need to develop a Security Response Protocol, designed to protect students in the case of break-ins, attacks or burglaries. Street Side wanted to help their owners develop this new protocol. In addition, Side Street acquired a new property with over 200 units. The added work upset the staff. Their schedules were already overburdened. Now they were to add a large new property and the management of multiple security notification systems to their to-do lists?

The staff brought their concerns to Side Street Properties’ owners. The owners promised to find a cost-effective solution.

How CallCenterUSA Helped

When Side Street Properties sat down to discuss their needs with their CallCenterUSA account manager, they were surprised to find out how much the call center could do for them. This wasn’t a simple answering service. CallCenterUSA promised to dedicate trained operators to their account. Those operators would understand Side Street’s business. They didn’t just answer calls and take messages, they were able to answer many callers’ questions and schedule appointments—assigning each caller to a Side Street agent. They could text important messages to the staff, but if a message wasn’t important, they didn’t interrupt the agent. Agents could always text in and let CallCenterUSA know where they were and when to call or text them with messages.

In addition, they offered to help Side Street with the Security Response Protocol challenges. Side Street’s competitors were offering broadcast systems that automatically transmitted one message to all residents in a property. CallCenterUSA went one step further, offering to respond with a back-up number and provide extra operators in case a resident need to actually speak with someone. CallCenterUSA’s backup systems ensured that natural disasters wouldn’t affect CallCenterUSA’s ability to make and receive calls.

CallCenterUSA also offered to screen the evening calls, passing emergencies onto Side Street’s staff, make evening calls for Side Street employees when contractors were needed, and place collection calls during evening hours in order to relieve Side Street’s overburdened staff from that duty. Because CallCenterUSA’s services were scalable, Side Street would only pay for the services and staff they needed.During the university’s busy period, CallCenterUSA would be able to bring more operators on. When things slowed down, the unneeded operators would be removed from the account.

Side Street Properties Sees Results

Side Street discovered that CallCenterUSA’s no outsourcing/no offshoring policy was really helpful. The operators that worked with Side Street could think for themselves and make decisions that other call center employees weren’t able make.  Their compassionate personalities, combined with their ability to make collection calls in the early evening, worked surprisingly well. Students were typically home for the calls, and collections went up.

Having CallCenterUSA screen evening calls for emergencies was also effective. Once there was a gas leak and CallCenterUSA put its large team to work, using Side Street’s emergency plan to quickly notify all Side Street Properties employees, the gas company, and the affected residents.

The ability to screen and schedule calls during the day also proved invaluable for Side Street employees. Now they were able spend their time showing apartments—and they had enough time left over to work on contracts during business hours instead of after them.


Street Side Properties found that they got much more than they expected. The Emergency Management Protocols they put into place won favor with the university and with students’ parents, which increased interest in their properties. In addition, several property owners noticed and have since moved their business to Side Street in order to take advantage of the emergency services.

During busy seasons, Street Side Properties doesn’t lose student calls to other property managers because they aren’t available when students want to view apartments. Being able to staff fewer people at night decreases overtime and increases staff satisfaction.

Everyone at Street Side Properties is happy. They are now saving money while offering more services, and the staff stay busy with important work during the day and are interrupted much less frequently at night.

Whether your property management company serves a college community, a large urban population, a few large buildings, or an entire small town, we know your needs are special and specific. That’s exactly why CallCenterUSA’s service plans are customized. No matter what your specific needs are, we can help you work efficiently, save money, and improve customer and staff satisfaction. Call us today at 888.654.8500 to find out exactly how we can make your company more effective.