Single Attorney and Small Law Practices

How CallCenter USA Meets the Needs of the Single Attorney and Small Law Practices

What Problem?

It took Brown and Stinger, a two-partner legal practice, a long time to realize they had a customer service problem. Both attorneys were proud of their hands-on approach to customer service. While they had a paralegal who often answered the phones when they were out of the office, both partners generally answered their own lines.

The partners began to revaluate the firm’s customer service policies after a few of their clients abruptly left the practice, citing poor customer service as the reason for their departure. Both partners called a few of their most loyal clients to discuss the customer service experience. Lack of phone coverage was their clients’ only complaint, but it was a big one. Even Brown and Stinger’s most loyal clients felt like they could never get anyone on the phone. Brown and Stinger were surprised. They felt like they checked their voice mail frequently and always returned calls promptly. But after some discussion, all three members of the team realized that they were out of the office for long stretches of the day. Obviously, voice mail wasn’t working for many of their clients.

 Brown and Stinger considered hiring a full-time receptionist, but hiring another staff member would have forced them to increase their fees. That’s when they started looking at call centers. Neither Brown nor Stinger was completely comfortable with the call center concept. Brown and Stinger’s clients were used to talking directly to the attorneys. The call center personnel they spoke with—even at the call centers that were completely based in the US—sounded vacant, and all they could do was take messages. Brown and Stinger were afraid that their clients would think even less of the answering service than they did of the answering machines.

Finding the Right Call Center

Then the partners found CallCenter USA. This call center seemed different. Operators were friendly and sounded more educated. Brown and Stinger felt like their clients would trust these operators.

 After speaking with the management at CallCenter USA, Brown and Stinger learned why the operators for this call center seemed more invested than the others. All of the company’s managers had worked for the company for at least 15 years, so the operators received training and managerial support from people who really knew the business. They also discovered that CallCenter USA only hired English-speaking operators working in the U.S. and provided employees with high-quality benefits and incentives, which meant that they were able to hire and retain better operators than the competition.

 CallCenter USA’s operators were able to provide callers with more information than the competition seemed to provide. All members of the Firm were provided with smartphone apps. These apps allowed them to update their status, no matter where they were. The attorneys could also call in and leave special instructions, so if an attorney was expecting an important call, the operators could text or email the attorney the minute the call came in. Operators were familiar with all of the Firm’s employees, making it easier for them to ask intelligent questions and screen calls properly.

 If Brown and Stinger were impressed with CallCenter USA, they were even more impressed with the price, which worked out to less than a dollar an hour. Brown and Stinger decided to give CallCenter USA a try.

What They Discovered

Brown & Stinger expected CallCenter USA to be able to answer phones intelligently and say that CallCenter USA exceeds their expectations. Callers often assume that Brown & Stinger have an in-house receptionist. Because the operators at CallCenter USA are informed, they put clients at ease, and important messages are relayed to the attorneys via text message, allowing the attorneys the ability to be notified, even when they are in meetings.

 In the past, the attorneys didn’t always know what clients wanted when they left a message. As a result, they would have to screen the call as they returned it. Often, the caller would have to be transferred to the other attorney or called back again. Because CallCenter USA accurately screens calls and can gather information from potential clients interested in using the firm, client information is always directed to the right attorney That attorney now knows what the potential client needs prior to returning the call.

 In addition, CallCenter USA is able to provide Brown & Stinger with a high level of security and confidentiality, which is a crucial element of their practice. Smart phone communications are encrypted. Confidentiality agreements, ethics rules and an emphasis on confidentiality keep Brown & Stinger’s caller’s information safe and private.

 Brown & Stinger have also reaped benefits they weren’t expecting. These benefits have had a positive impact on the practice and on the attorneys’ personal lives.

  • Late night phone coverage: If someone calls in at 6:30, the phone is now answered by a real person. The clients love this. Brown and Stinger love it too. In the past, they called their answering machines frequently in order to make sure they didn’t miss any late-night calls. Now, when they leave the office, there is no need to continually check their answering machines. Instead, they relax and enjoy their families. If an important call comes in, CallCenter USA always lets them know.
  • Contingency Planning: Brown and Stinger have always known they should have backup plans in case a disaster or a telephone outage occurs. In the past, their contingency plan has been to cross their fingers and hope that their clients understand that things happen. Luckily, CallCenter USA is prepared for disaster. Their call centers, which are located in different areas, are all equipped with the Minuteman Enterprise Backup Interrupted Power Supply, which keeps computers running even when the power is out. 100kw natural gas/propane electric generators keep power on, should the power be needed for a longer time period. In addition, redundant telecommunication systems ensure that the phone lines are never down.


Brown & Stinger is completely satisfied with their move to CallCenter USA. For less than one dollar an hour, they receive more benefits than they knew they needed. Calls are now always answered, and poor customer service issues no longer exist. Several clients have noted that it is nice to always be able to get a person on the phone. In addition, the prospective client screening provided by CallCenter USA has directly resulted in an increase in clients. The paralegal, no longer tasked with answering the main phone line, finds that she is able to work more accurately and efficiently without the constant interruption. Brown & Stinger feel like their whole firm is more effective and credit the changes to CallCenter USA.

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