5 Tips to Breach the Generational Divide in Your Office

A quarter of workers admit to avoiding issues with colleagues of a different age, creating a plethora of issues in today’s multi-generational workplaces. Don’t let generational labels become a self-fulfilling prophecy in your office. With the right tools and techniques, you can address all of your co-workers, regardless of their age or authority, and ensure a smooth and productive dialogue.

Breach the generational divide in your office with these 5 tips:

  1. Be diplomatic.
    Establishing your respect and intent on achieving a mutual goal prior to addressing a topic – particularly those of contention – makes others feel safe.
  2. Stick to facts.
    Lead with facts, not judgments, using objective terms to describe behaviors that create problems to ensure success.
  3. Be present.
    If your colleague becomes defensive during the conversation, immediately pause and reassure them of positive intent, allowing them time to express concerns.
  4. Exchange ideas.
    After you’ve shared your concerns, actively encourage your colleague to share their perspective. An open dialogue is key to success.
  5. Don’t confuse character issues with generational traits.
    The truth is age-related stereotypes cut across all age categories. Young or old, lazy is just plain lazy. Older Boomers and younger Millenials simply have different workplace ideas and definitions of success, unrelated to the problem-causing character issues that traverse the great divide of age.

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