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Car Dealership How CallCenterUSA Becomes a Valuable Player on One Car Dealership’s Team  Ellison’s Auto Group had always been successful, even without an Internet Sales division. After hearing time and time again that most of their customers started their searches on the Internet, Ellison’s owners decided that it would be beneficial to have a stronger Internet presence. Read the Full Story
HVAC Company CallCenterUSA Helps an HVAC Company Turn a Customer Service Promise into More than Hot Air. HVAC Partners is a startup heating, ventilation, and air conditioning service in the Midwest. John and Rebecca, partners in life and in business, considered themselves prepared for the hard work of starting a new company—HVAC was their life. Their plan was to focus on providing top-notch customer service and grow slowly until they reached their goal of becoming the most trusted HVAC service in town. Read the Full Story
Temporary Agencies   CallCenterUSA’s Services Bring Permanence to Temporary Agencies. The Right Stuff is a staffing agency that focuses on filling temporary positions at large companies, primarily companies that provide 24/7 in-house copy and word processing services. After the recession, many of their client companies cut back on temporary hiring, especially during non-business hours. The Right Stuff’s business was dependent upon filing these off-hours slots. If the company didn’t downsize quickly, it would be in serious trouble. Read the Full Story
Locksmith  No Longer in the Dark LockedOut is a mobile lock and key business that is well known for its inexpensive 24/7 lockout assistance. Larry, the owner, oversees everything during business hours. During the evening hours Larry hands the reins over to two of his employees. Larry also has additional contractors that he calls in when LockedOut needs extra support. Read the Full Story
Real Estate Companies   How CallCenterUSA Helps a Real Estate Company Communicate More Efficiently   Vacations Weren’t a Pleasure Beevy Real Estate Co. is a real estate brokerage in a metropolitan area. There are typically around 30 agents working for the company at any one time. Before being introduced to CallCenterUSA, they employed one receptionist who received three weeks of vacation every year. Finding an acceptable replacement for her was next to impossible. Read the Full Story



Ideal for a small business or start-up, our suite of Basic Services allows you to enjoy full-featured call center capabilities for a low cost. Stay in touch with your customers 24 hours a day/seven days a week and never miss an important call again.

Call Center


For medium-sized businesses, CallCenterUSA offers such sophisticated features as help desk and customer service support, virtual receptionist and disaster recovery, all with highly trained US-based call center staff who will handle your calls professionally and efficiently.



Designed to meet the demands of large businesses, our Enterprise Services can handle all of your phone, web and email traffic; from high volume reservations and call overflow to detailed order taking and disaster standby and recovery. Our state-of-the-art redundancies and backups ensure that your calls are always answered.

What can a Call Center do for you?


If you think a call center is nothing more than a human answering machine, it’s time to meet CallCenterUSA. We’ll help you turn your phone into one of your strongest assets—and we do it at a price that can’t be beat.

Whether you operate a small business or are part of the Fortune 500, CallCenterUSA knows your company is unique. Because we work with all of our companies individually, you select only the services that benefit you most.

·         CallCenterUSA ensures that all of your calls are quickly answered by well-trained, friendly operators

  •  manages fluctuating call volumes
  •  inexpensively conducts market research and collects data
  •  staffs advertising campaigns with smart, personable representatives
  •  provides appointment reminders and schedules/reschedules appointments; and
  •  conducts customer follow-up and satisfaction surveys that increase customer loyalty.
  •  Use CallCenterUSA to screen calls;
  •  answer your customers’ questions, based on an FAQ you provide
  •  email customers marketing materials while they’re on the phone
  •  run your online agent or text-based online support program
  •  extend your support hours
  •  offer professionally handled customer service and support

CallCenterUSA serves as a valuable part of your team, providing coverage after hours, on weekends and even on holidays. We offer multiple delivery options (text, email, secure messaging app, phone or fax) for all transactions and provide you with real data, including daily reports and logs, which allow you to access information quickly and make better decisions for your company.

Our trained operators treat every caller the same way you would—with the utmost respect, courtesy and professionalism. Your customers get the service they deserve, and you get an entire team dedicated to helping you become more efficient and more profitable.


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