Are You Annoying Everyone at Your Office and Don’t Know It?

Are you someone who works better with a soundtrack? According to digital music service Spotify, 61 percent of office workers are with you. However, that leaves 39 percent of people who prefer the sounds of silence. Follow these musical etiquette tips to maintain harmony with your co-workers.

  • If they’re allowed at your office, earphones are the preferable solution. But don’t let them turn you into a workplace hermit. Come up for air every now and then to share some conversation.
  • Always remove your earphones when you leave your desk and when someone comes by your desk. That means take both of them out. Keeping one earphone in is the equivalent of listening to your cell phone when someone’s talking to you.
  • Be conscious of whistling, humming or tapping your foot. Others might not be able to hear your music but they can definitely hear you. Those noises and tics can be more annoying than the music itself.
  • If you don’t use earphones, ask those around you if they have any objections to you listening to music. If they’re agreeable, it’s a nice idea to then ask if they have any preferences as to the type of music.
  • Spotify’s survey also revealed that 10 percent of people admit to judging others by their choice of music, so when in doubt, stick to mainstream music. Even though your co-workers are being graciously accepting, keep the volume down.

While you may enjoy music in the workplace, your customers don’t want to hear it when they call. A live answering service ensures that they hear an actual voice every time. Please contact us to learn more.