Even in Business Management, Mother Knows Best

Remember all those orders your mom gave you about standing up straight and not chewing with your mouth full? It seemed like nagging at the time, but you grew up to appreciate her advice. Even Mom didn’t realize it, but her words apply to business behavior as well. 

A healthy respect for yourself and others is at the heart of these instructions. Here is how some of Mom’s favorite sayings translate to better business principles:

Clean your plate. When your eyes were bigger than your stomach, Mom warned you about taking on more than you could finish. Don’t make the same mistake with your business and become overwhelmed with unrealistic expectations.

Wear clean underwear. In a figurative sense, this one is all about first impressions. When it comes to customer interaction, there are no do-overs. Make sure you and your employees put your best foot forward at all times.

Say “please” and “thank you”. It’s amazing what can be accomplished with those three simple words. They demonstrate respect and appreciation, two qualities than can be in short supply in the business world.

Use good phone manners. Politeness never goes out of style. In this digital age, this advice extends to all forms of communication including email and social networking

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