Five Rules for Your Upcoming Holiday Open House or Event

The holiday season is a chance to boost the camaraderie in your company by socializing outside of the workplace. Even if you hold your Holiday or New Year’s party in the office, the atmosphere is more lighthearted and cheerful than businesslike.

While holiday parties are a chance for employees to have fun, they are still company functions by definition. Maintaining an appropriate balance can be tricky, but the task is easier when you do some careful planning. These tips will help you set the tone for an entertaining event.

  • Alcohol is always a hot-button topic for parties. If you’re hosting the event in-house, supply only enough for each person to have one to two drinks. If the party is held at an outside venue, purchase only two drinks per person. Be sure to have a variety of non-alcoholic beverages as well.
  • Have the food catered. Pot luck is fine for casual occasions during the year, but holiday events or open houses shouldn’t involve more work for your employees.
  • Plan some games and activities to give your guests opportunities to mingle. Have prizes on hand such as movie tickets or restaurant gift cards.
  • Your employees will take their cues from you. Act pleasant and gracious and they will follow suit.
  • Unfortunately, most workplaces include a troublemaker or two. Keep an eye on anyone who might cross the line and step in quickly but quietly if necessary.

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