Got Cold Feet About Cold Calling? Become the Information Guru Instead

Cold calling is tough. Even when you offer something that the customer is looking for, they want to feel that they are making the decision themselves, not being talked into something. By providing them with useful information, you are helping them make a decision they will feel good about. For a professional and meaningful dialogue with your prospect, keep the following tips in mind.

How you view cold calling

If you think of cold calling as just a numbers game and rapidly recite a prepared script to your prospects, they will respond negatively. If you view it as an opportunity to begin a mutually beneficial relationship, they will feel respected and will respect you, too.

A good introduction is vital

Whether contacting by phone or in person, your initial phrases must convey that you are able to provide the information they seek.

Ask the right questions

To really help them, you need to understand them. Don’t quiz them. Invite them to open up to you.

Educate and empower

They must feel that you are an expert in your area of work. If you are not, they immediately surmise that you are wasting their time.

Take notes and follow up

Taking notes demonstrates that you value them as an individual. It also helps you remember pertinent details. Further show that you value them and their business by staying in touch after the initial contact.

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