Gotta Love Email, But Is It Spoiling Your Mood First Thing in the Morning?

Email is one of the greatest gifts technology has given the business world. You can fire off a message at any time of the day or night and your correspondence is documented for future reference. But don’t become a slave to email’s simplicity and convenience. 

It’s too easy to let one email derail your daily schedule. Regain control of your inbox with some helpful parameters.

  • Have you developed the habit of checking your email before your feet even hit the floor in the morning? Resolve to wait until you’ve showered, eaten breakfast and planned your day. You’ll be better equipped to avoid any knee-jerk reactions to someone else’s emergency.
  • As attention spans grow shorter, it’s more important than ever to make your point quickly and succinctly. Email is intended for timely communication, not complex letters. Let the style of tweets and texts be your guide. How can you get your message across in the fewest words possible?
  • Don’t let junk mail crowd out the messages that really matter. Most emails that are trying to sell you something will have the word “unsubscribe” somewhere within them. Create a filter using that term and direct the mail to a special folder where you can view them at your leisure or simply delete them.
  • If you truly don’t know how to respond to a particular email, don’t force an answer. Use an app such as Boomerang that will remove an email from your inbox and remind you later. Chances are good the problem will be solved before you even revisit the issue.

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