Helping Employees Break the Donut Habit

Eating at the office used to conjure up images of stressed-out employees gulping down donuts or candy bars, hoping for a jolt of energy from that sugar rush. Nutritional awareness has come a long way since those days, and most people try to get through the work day with the help of healthier choices.

Do you play a part in making it easier for your employees to eat right? Providing nutritious snacks in your workplace is relatively inexpensive and can provide benefits for you and your associates. 

  • As healthcare costs rise, many employers are finding it beneficial to help employees be proactive about their well-being.
  • A healthier workforce means less money and time lost due to illness-related absences.
  • Providing snacks shows your employees that you care, resulting in improved morale and greater motivation.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are obvious choices. Add variety by including items like string cheese, peanut butter, roasted nuts and light popcorn. Even if you don’t have a formal lunchroom, you can find space for a refrigerator and microwave.

If you want to go the extra mile, start a program of brown-bag lunch hours. Contact your local hospital or university to arrange speakers on nutrition, cooking and other healthy lifestyle topics.

Your employees will be more productive if they can leave their desks during lunch time and breaks. They can relax knowing that our friendly, efficient operators are providing excellent service to your customers even when your employees step away. Contact us for more information about our comprehensive and cost-effective service programs.