How to Get Your Local Newspaper Reporters to Love You

Branding, infographics, image, marketing strategy, SEO placement, and Internet ranking are just a few of the “buzz” words used when promoting a business.

It’s also important to understand the written word is still the best way to turn all of the above advertising options into reality. You might be wondering just how one goes about creating these words of wisdom that will entice new clients and retain established customers.

The answer is making journalists on your local newspaper your best buddy. That’s right. These word smiths make a living out of gathering information, researching, and compiling facts into a readable piece of content.

The next step is getting the word “out to the masses” using all of today’s technology to spread your message. Again, enter the writers who have the news and connections to make it happen.

The key to a successful union with local reporters that will benefit your company is establishing a professional relationship. Work on it, build it up, respect what they do and their deadlines, don’t be a pest and assume you have their undivided attention 24/7, and last but not least, always thank them for a job well done. Remember, they are your lifeline to millions of readers.

If you have a company website, having the local newspaper run a story about your business along with a picture and a link is one of the best avenues for customer traffic. Visual and verbal. A win-win combination.

Combine these branding techniques with exceptional customer service and you’re business will thrive. With professional call center answering and messaging services from CallCenterUSA, you’ll add a vital layer of excellence to your branding strategy.