How to Get Your Staff to Make Customer Satisfaction Job #1

Customer satisfaction has always been one of the primary concepts behind a successful business. Today, the rise of the Internet and social media has made it even more important than ever. It takes an unhappy customer only minutes to post his experience online for thousands to see. Fine-tuning your customer service is easier than trying to deal with the fallout after the fact.

When working in an office setting, it can be easy to start thinking of customers as abstract beings rather than flesh-and-blood people. Use these tips to keep your staff focused on making customer satisfaction their top priority.

  • Talk is cheap. Be prepared to walk the walk. Make customer service a major topic at all meetings and training sessions. If you don’t already have a formal service philosophy, develop one and post it on the walls for your employees to see each day. When they see that you have internalized the concept, they’ll be far more likely to follow suit.
  • The Golden Rule makes a good guideline for both personal and business interactions. Urge your employees to think about how they like to be treated as a customer and set their own behavior to the same standards.
  • Recognition is one of the biggest sources of employee motivation. People want to know that their efforts are being noticed. Set up a program to consistently acknowledge and reward your employees who are providing outstanding customer service.

Your customers often get their first impression of your company through a phone call. Wouldn’t they rather be greeted by a live, friendly operator than by a generic voice mail greeting? Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve exceptional customer service.