Hurricanes, Snow Storms – Is Your Office Ready for Anything?

While scientific advances have improved life immeasurably, there’s one area where researchers are helpless. The whims of nature take precedence over everything else. Destructive weather such as hurricanes and blizzards have no respect for the requirements of your business. Just within the last month, sweltering heat in Southern California caused an all-time high in demand for electricity, resulting in power outages to thousands of customers. Meanwhile, more than 46,000 in metro Phoenix lost power thanks to a massive rainstorm.

It’s inevitable that you’ll be faced with a power outage at some point. Don’t risk losing touch with employees and customers just when it’s most crucial. Our state-of-the-art call center service can maintain your telecommunications system without interruption during these emergencies. We take your business operations so seriously that we’ve made contingency arrangements in case our own systems are affected.

What makes our disaster recovery program so successful?

  • CallCenterUSA is protected by the Minuteman Enterprise Backup Interrupted Power Supply. an internal grid that provides resources for up to two hours. We also have an electric generator ready to take over indefinitely during longer emergencies.
  • We have redundant routing that provides three different options in the event of a grid interruption. Should all three go down, traffic is routed through satellites to ensure consistent service.
  • Through our partnership with Agility Recovery Solutions, we have access to emergency facilities throughout the country in case our center becomes inoperable.

You have plenty of issues to handle during an emergency. Your telecommunications system shouldn’t be one of them. Contact us for more information about our customized call center services.