Lunchroom Care Tips

Maintaining the office lunchroom is like sharing an apartment with dozens of roommates. Everyone wants the convenience but no one wants to share in the work. Keep the peace by establishing community guidelines for lunchroom behavior. People will be more likely to cooperate when they understand what’s expected of them. It also helps to emphasize the benefits of a pleasant and orderly lunchroom for all employees.

Here are some useful lunchroom care tips to get you started.

  • If you spill something, clean it up. This may seem like common sense, but people sometimes need to be reminded. Be sure to have a supply of paper towels or sponges on hand to make clean-up more convenient.
  • Whoever drinks the last of the coffee or uses the last napkin is responsible for the refill. Few actions are more inconsiderate than helping yourself and leaving the upkeep to others. 
  • Food odors are notoriously long-lasting. That garlicky pasta you adore may not be so well-received by others. Stick to foods with more moderate aromas for the workplace and save the pungent ones for home.
  • All items in the refrigerator should be labeled with names and dates. This will discourage “borrowing” and take the guesswork out of deciding when food should be tossed.

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