Plan Ahead for Winter Storm Outages

It’s no exaggeration to say that Winter 2014 is one that’s going down in the record books. Bitter cold, strong winds and snowfalls of several feet paralyzed entire regions of our country on more than one occasion. How did your company fare? More important, are you ready for this winter?

The time to prepare for an emergency is before it happens. Use these tips to make sure your workplace is ready for any situation.

  • Have an emergency kit on-hand and keep it readily accessible. It should include a first-aid kit and flashlights with extra batteries in addition to basic tools such as a hammer and screwdriver. It’s a good idea to have water and non-perishable food in case people are confined for an extended period.
  • Protect your electrical equipment with UL-approved surge protectors and battery backups for computer systems. Train your employees to save their work frequently during the day.
  • Keep a battery-powered radio or television handy so you can continue to receive critical updates.
  • Consult with your local police department for advice regarding security concerns.
  • Install emergency lights that can operate in the absence of electrical power. You can purchase them at most building supply and home improvement stores.

Keeping lines of communication open during a storm or any emergency is a priority. Our disaster recovery answering services ensure that your calls are handled without interruption in any situation. You can turn your attention to crucial matters with the confidence that your callers are receiving professional attention. Visit our website to learn more about how we can be your emergency solution.