Should You Have a Christmas Party at Your Office?

During this time of year everyone’s mind is on holiday fun and that often extends to the office. Will you be hosting a Christmas party for your employees? Many companies are still operating on reduced budgets, but a holiday celebration can pay dividends in improved morale and camaraderie

You don’t have to throw a no-holds-barred extravaganza. That could actually be counterproductive as employees may resent a lavish display in these days of cost-cutting. Keep the event modest but enjoyable when you incorporate these tips. 

  • Don’t equate the party with bonuses, especially if you are not giving any this year. Focus on the idea of thanking your employees for their hard work and providing an opportunity to socialize away from the workplace.
  • Include spouses and children. This demonstrates that you recognize and value your employees’ life outside the office. It also allows them to bond by meeting each other’s families.
  • Let employees participate with activities such as a gift exchange, whether it’s white-elephant or “real”. Have a contest where people prepare their favorite cookies or appetizers. Everyone votes for the best entry and the winner receives a paid day off.
  • Look in-house for the entertainment as well. Do you have any employees who belong to choirs or play in a band? They’ll appreciate the opportunity and the performance will mean more than listening to a DJ spin tunes.

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