Three Tips for Keeping the Customer Happy

Everybody wants to be happy. Just this year Pharrell Williams sold millions of records by saluting that concept in song. You can have an equally powerful impact on your company by making happiness part of your brand.

Zig Ziglar said you can get what you want when you help enough other people get what they want. When you keep your customers happy, they’ll repay you with loyalty and referrals. Follow these simple guidelines for customer service that will put a smile on everyone’s face.

  • As Judge Judy would say, put on your listening ears. Your customer doesn’t talk just to provide background noise. She’s making your job easier by telling you exactly what will make her happy. Don’t just smile and nod while you decide where you’re going to have dinner that night. Listen and learn.
  • Take responsibility for solving your customer’s pain points, even if it’s “not your job”. Think about how frustrated you get when you deal with a business that treats you like a hot potato getting tossed from one person to the next. President Harry Truman famously kept a sign on his desk saying, “The buck stops here.” Make that your customer service philosophy.
  • Always be aware of your employees’ performance. They represent you, and if they don’t care it’s assumed that you don’t either. Maintain visibility in your workplace and make sure you’re proud of how your employees look and act.

Customer service doesn’t stop at the four walls of your office. Callers deserve to be treated just as well as those in person. Our world-class call center services ensure a consistently friendly, professional experience 24/7.