Three Tips to Boost Morale at Your Office

The doldrums can hit any office at any time. End of summer listlessness, post-holiday exhaustion, winter blues, even the Monday morning blahs can cause office morale to dip. Any office can have a few bad days, but prolonged bouts of low office morale can result in employee dissatisfaction, decreased productivity and increased staff turnover. If office morale issues are not addressed, the success of your business can suffer.

Happy Employees = Happy Customers

There’s a lot of truth to the old adage that happy employees make for happy customers. When employees feel respected and appreciated, their positive attitude is reflected in increased sales, improved job performance and better customer service.

Morale Boosting Office Tips

Use these office tips to boost employee morale at your office:

1. Give credit where it’s due. Recognize employee contributions and accomplishments in office-wide emails, during staff meetings, in company newsletters and with personal thank you notes. 

2. Perk up employee morale. Show employees you value their hard work and dedication by surprising them with thoughtful unexpected perks. Surprise your staff with bagels in the break room on Monday morning, a catered lunch, casual dress days, early dismissal before a holiday, gift cards for gas or groceries, lottery tickets or movie passes.

3. Make work fun. Keep the office mood light and fun with holiday parties, potluck lunches, crazy dress days, sports leagues or community service activities.

A full-service call center can boost office morale by freeing your staff to focus on other important duties while ensuring that customer calls are answered quickly by our friendly, professional operators. Contact CallCenterUSA today to find out how we can help your business succeed.