Three Tips to Sweetening Up Your Receptionist

It takes seven seconds to make a first impression. Visitors to your business will be spending those seven seconds with your receptionist. Are you confident in the impression they’ll form? If it’s negative, you will most likely never get a second chance to improve it.

Employees are more willing to internalize a company’s mission and goals when they feel as though they’re a valuable member of the team. Here are three tips on simple yet effective ways to motivate your receptionist through recognition.

  • Despite the importance of a receptionist, most companies pay them only minimum wage. Give your receptionist a salary that’s commensurate with worth. In addition, offer bonuses or other rewards to acknowledge extra effort.
  • Provide your receptionist with educational opportunities to promote career development. Consider classes and seminars on topics such as social media, computer software, and administration skills. Include training in your company’s operations and philosophies to make your receptionist even more of an asset.
  • Show your receptionist how much you appreciate her. Instead of giving just a brief hello as the day begins, take time now and then to chat face-to-face. Give the same consideration and respect that you give to all the members of your staff.

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