Temporary Agencies

CallCenterUSA’s Services Bring Permanence to Temporary Agencies.

The Right Stuff is a staffing agency that focuses on filling temporary positions at large companies, primarily companies that provide 24/7 in-house copy and word processing services. After the recession, many of their client companies cut back on temporary hiring, especially during non-business hours. The Right Stuff’s business was dependent upon filing these off-hours slots. If the company didn’t downsize quickly, it would be in serious trouble.

The Right Stuff knew that other staffing services were facing the same problems, and that it would be important to keep night and weekend services strong during the recession. When the economy bounced back, recession-created layoffs would leave even more holes for temporary workers to fill. When that time came, The Right Stuff wanted to be in the right position to fill these spots.

The Right Stuff redirected most of their evening employees into daytime sales positions. They strategically decided to leave one employee in the office and to outsource the rest of their work to a call center.

Which Call Center to Choose?

The Right Stuff knew that if its organization was to run seamlessly at night, it would need to choose a call center carefully. The Right Stuff’s clients were fickle. Staffing services face a lot of competition, and most of the company’s clients used multiple staffing services, often playing them against each other. The first staffing service to fill the job usually got the job, and one no-show or poorly filled slot could get the staffing service’s contract revoked.

The Right Stuff wasn’t just looking for someone to answer phones. This company needed someone who could manage traffic. This call center had to be able to take calls from employees who were calling out sick, find new workers to take their places, and coordinate the switch with the client company. In addition, any time a temporary worker wasn’t working out, the client company was in a bind. By the time a client company representative called the staffing service, he was often irate. The phone operators at the call center would need to be calm, polite and rational. They would need to be able to treat the client company as nicely as they would if they were working for the staffing service themselves.

The Right Stuff chose CallCenterUSA because it was the most professional call center. Operators were friendly and polite and seemed like they could handle anything. The Right Stuff’s hiring manager was reassured to know that CallCenterUSA had managers standing by, willing to handle any problem that might occur. He liked the fact that CallCenterUSA only hired English-speaking operators working in the U.S. and provided employees with high-quality benefits and incentives, which meant that the company was able to hire and retain better operators than the competition.

Together, The Right Stuff and CallCenterUSA worked out a plan. The Right Stuff would have one employee that worked out of her home. All of the rest of the evening and weekend phone traffic would be handled by CallCenterUSA. A list of temporary workers was approved for each of The Right Stuff’s major clients. When a temporary worker called in sick, CallCenterUSA could go down the list of approved temps and call them, one at a time, until the call center found a replacement. CallCenterUSA then called the client back to announce the absence and offer a replacement worker on the spot.

CallCenterUSA was equally prepared to take calls from client companies—any time a company needed extra staffing, they used the same list to find an available worker and then contacted the Client company with the details.

The Right Stuff was pleased with the plan. If CallCenterUSA could pull this off, they would be able to help The Right Stuff stay in business, no matter how long the recession lasted.

What They Discovered

The Right Stuff’s partnership with CallCenterUSA began to work, right off the bat. Some of The Right Stuff’s competitors were forced to close their night and weekend divisions. That meant that The Right Stuff was able to get their competitors’ weekend business, and develop greater customer loyalty without overstaffing their own office.

The transition was seamless. Most of The Right Stuff’s client companies didn’t even realize that they were speaking with a call center, and because CallCenterUSA was able to use multiple operators to call temps immediately, The Right Stuff actually began to beat all of its competitors, placing operators first more frequently. The more frequently CallCenterUSA began to place staff, the more often client companies came to depend on The Right Stuff. As a result, The Right Stuff saw growth, even during the recession.

The Right Stuff realized CallCenterUSA’s most valuable benefit one week in January when a snowstorm shut the city down. The Right Stuff’s client companies still needed a bare-bones operation at their companies that day, and none of the other staffing agencies were open. The snowstorm did not affect CallCenterUSA’s operations. CallCenterUSA was able to fill every empty staff position that day. The Right Stuff quickly became known around town as the company that could get the job done, even in very difficult situations.

That snowstorm taught The Right Stuff a big lesson, and they intend to keep working with CallCenterUSA, even after the recession ends. Being able to place staff—even in the toughest situations—has become the company’s strategic advantage. The Right Stuff is also happy to know that CallCenterUSA has its own contingency plans in place. A Minuteman Enterprise Backup Interrupted Power Supply system keeps computers running even when the power is out. 100kw natural gas/propane electric generators keep power on, should the power be needed for a longer time period. In addition, redundant telecommunication systems ensure that the phone lines are never down.


The Right Stuff truly believes that CallCenterUSA has been their recession-proof secret weapon. While their competitors are losing money, The Right Stuff has continued to grow. For less than one dollar an hour, they are able to provide the same evening services that they provided before the recession. Even the most difficult clients’ calls are answered by kind, calm operators.

In addition, client companies have developed a new kind of faith in The Right Stuff. While competitor companies haven’t been able to provide their old level of service, The Right Stuff has actually increased customer service. Being able to staff during winter snowstorms won’t be forgotten for a long time to come.

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